These are the profiles of the mentors and mentees for which the CAMINO programme is most suitable:

Mentor's profile

  • Professionals working within business organizations, public administration and wanting to share their knowledge and experiences, to help PhDs researchers in their professional development (have or have had links with the CSIC is preferable but no compulsory).
  • They are willing to participate in a voluntary programme to support CSIC Researchers.

Mentee's profile

  • CSIC Early Stage Researchers (commonly known as PhD students*) currently working on their thesis (mostly third year and successive), who feel they need assistance in identifying new opportunities and work in their career development.
  • Looking forward to meet professionals and to receive advice and information about new opportunities for career development.
  • Coming from all disciplines.
  • Proactive, open-minded and self-motivated.

*Phd Students are not actually students, and they should therefore not be referred to as that.