Our mentoring programme wants to....

  • enable the contact between CSIC early stage researchers (mostly third year and successive of the PhD) who are interested in taking a boost in their careers and exploring new opportunities with professionals from public administration and private sector.
  • facilitate relationships that support the early stage researchers in reflecting on their competencies and skills, as well as new opportunities aligned with research and training objectives.

Objectives of the mentoring programme

  • Promote synergies, cooperation and mutual enrichment between researchers.
  • Meet academic and professional guidance needs.
  • Guide in the construction of the professional project and the planning of the labour insertion itinerary.
  • Promote the employability and training of early stage researchers in order to achieve their professional goals.
  • Building an intergenerational network of professionals with interest in supporting early stage researchers to advance in their careers.
  • Create synergies between researchers favouring the exchange of knowledge and experiences.